Every day we receive hundreds of questions, here are just some of them, which were given a specific and completely direct answer.


Why I haven’t heard about it before?


Hyaluron Pen is a new category as a procedure. Although the device is really very simple, it is actually incredibly powerful.

What is it for ? You can do a lot with this little tool - it combines approaches that have so far been used in mesotherapy and fillers, also it is absolutely safe.



When was this first introduced?


As you know, there was nothing new in the device itself. It has been used to inject insulin for many years. However, now, since the spring of 2018, it is used to fill wrinkles, as well as to inject a mixture of hyaluronic acid into the lips. Since then, there has been steady growth in small aesthetic groups. The peak became in the early winter of 2018. Everyone was happy to be one of the first who uses Hyaluron Pen, at the end of 2018, many followed their example, and those who missed their chance to become innovators, tried and try to fight it. We presented our version for the new year holidays 2019 and the first batch was simply swept away by our customers.


Oh, wait a minute, is it legal to use this device?

What is the difference between a hyaluronic pen and the classic use of injectable fillers ?


In fact, they belong to different universes that slightly overlap each other. Fillers are injections that can have a great impact on the overall appearance of the human face. The thicker the filler, the deeper it is injected and the greater and there is usually permanent effect. When it comes to the Hyaluron Pen’s handle, the fillers that can be used are very liquid and can only be inserted into the top layer of the dermis-papillary dermis. This means it only competes with a small category of HA fillers.


It's better than Plasma pen-Plasmapen?


They are also very different guys. When it comes to the overall revitalization of the skin, HyaluronPenRussia can do a really good job. When it comes to wrinkles, it has limitations regarding very superficial wrinkles (caused by muscle movement) or very deep wrinkles (usually on the skin of the face of elderly clients). With an average crease depth according to different wrinkle evaluation scales, the Hyaluron pen gives excellent results. It is safe to say that the main method of increasing the content of HA in the skin works better than surface treatments. And this applies only to the removal of wrinkles. When it comes to lip filling, Plasma pen is useless and Hyaluron Pen dominates completely.


Why is it so popular?


There are three most important reasons why beauty procedures and devices connected with it form a new category and become really popular. Firstly, it must be affordable. From time to time there are treatments that promise miracles. Sometimes they deliver, sometimes they don't. However, if the initial investment to try is too high, the bulk of people don't even want to figure it out, even fewer people start doing it, and they will never grow into a new category because there is not enough customers that have shared their experiences. Sooner or later, there is a more affordable alternative that distracts her and reaches great popularity.

Secondly, it should be possible to start using it without the complex process of education. If a tool is available, but the person using it has to learn a lot to get a license to use it, that's an insurmountable hurdle. This greatly limits the popularity of such solutions.

Thirdly, it must be undervalued and Hyper-satisfying. It has to do the job and do it better than other decisions. In addition to this, it is perfectly safe to do everything. In most cases, it is necessary to solve the problem, and not just to improve the condition a little bit.

As you know, the boom of microbleeding has occurred because it has passed all the aforesaid points as well as HyalouronPen.


What does it exactly do-make the skin a little better, smoother?


No, no, and no again. Compared to countless beauty procedures that act as" vitamins " making something a little better, the Hyaluron Pen is a cardinal solution. The customer has a problem and the Hyaluron Pen solves it elegantly. Some specific examples? Small and thin lips-usually with 0.5 ml-1 ml, the problem is solved. The same applies to wrinkles. Heavy and deep folds of the nasolabial area delivering inconvenience-easily. Hyaluron Pen offers a solution that works - wrinkles disappear. So in that sense, we can talk about a specific solution to the problem, not just one of those" improving " solutions that definitely do something a little bit better, but don't actually solve anything. If you want your changes clearly visible, we highly recommend you to choose HyaluronpenRussia.

It is like Botox?


No, it's not like Botox at all. First of all, Botox is not a filler and it is never injected into the lips (however, sometimes some customers do believe in it). Be aware, Botox only temporarily disables nerve signals for some muscles and thus restricts their movements, providing smoother skin, as wrinkles are more pronounced thanks to live facial expressions. When it comes to Hyaluron Pen, it implements in wrinkles a very low viscosity and low elasticity filler for lips or face skin.


Are treatments with Hyaluron Pen absolutely safe?


Well, nothing is completely safe, and even a microblading master can poke out an eye if he's not careful enough. However, compared to injectable fillers (which are often compared to the safety of Hyaluron Pen), it is absolutely safe.

The worst problems with injections occur, as we all know, due to blocked blood vessels, with unprofessional actions of cosmetologists while entering the filler. With Hyaluron Pen, it is anatomically impossible to inject a substance even close in the same way, so there are no such risks.



When it comes to different handles, are there noticeable differences?


As always, all manufacturers