The newest device HP3

Certification: PCT, CE ISO

Unique scale of the required volume

Guarantee: 12 months or 13000 injections

Free delivery

The highest quality

Always stable pressure


PRICE   125EUR    140$

5 capsules-injectors in a set

Free delivery

Guarantee 12 months


Our sertificated production (or assembly) line in China. CE ISO



Tutorial materials- INCLUDED


Fast, elegant and pain-free:

Lip augmentation

Filling - reinforcement of nasolabial folds

Wrinkles correction (filling wrinkles)




There is usually a focus on the possibility of lip augmentation, but this is not all that can implement our device.

Some words about us.


Who we are and why we make such big pronouncements


Who knows us by the TM DermapenRussia will click to the point “how to order”, and everyone who sees us at first - a few words.


We are not a young company already and in the beauty industry market for 3 years.



We decided to go away from the scheme of buy-sell and to come to the scheme made-sold-provided warranty and service.

With this work regime, we are fully confident in the quality of the product we produce and can make the most affordable prices without losing it.


Yes, our production lines are located in China and we do not see anything unusual in this. Looking around you will notice that you are surrounded by products from this wonderful country on 80 percent , and they have quite good quality. We know how to make a the highest quality product in this country and successfully implement our experience, providing our customers with quality products.




 We don’t lie to our customers with showing documents and stickers with the inscription KOREA and EAC, we are directly involved in the production process, control the quality of execution and assure this quality with our trademark HyaluronpenRussia.


If you go deeper, you will easily expose the deception of “korean” devices and there will be only one question left : Why we have been so easily deceived before?


Buying from us you buy reliability confirmed by reviews and experience confirmed by years of work.


We are sure that You deserve the best service without cheating.